The Florida Movers and Warehousemen's Association’s mission includes the responsibility of investigating and making recommendations as to existing or proposed legislation, and to appear before legislative bodies, commissions, and boards on behalf of the association.


In furtherance of our mission, the FMWA has long been involved in the legislative and regulatory process of the moving industry, ensuring that there are sufficient consumer protections to shield consumers from the thieves and extortionists who pose as movers, low-ball their estimates, and then hold goods hostage for unreasonable sums far in excess of their original estimates. We also take great care to ensure that those laws and regulations are reasonable as to allow a free-market operation of the moving industry in our state, to foster honest competition and keep rates affordable.


This balancing act is a difficult, yet important one. Through active involvement in the legislative process, and maintaining a close partnership with our regulators at the Florida Division of Consumer Services, we have made Florida a safe place to hire a professional mover, and especially, a FMWA Member.


For additional specifics on this year’s legislative agenda, please feel free to reach out to us by Clicking Here

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