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10 Irrefutable Reasons Why Your Company Must Join the FMWA Today!

  1. Many issues of running your business are complex. The FMWA has created several detailed manuals to help your business thrive-in spite of the many government regulations you face. The FMWA provides detailed answers on sales tax issues, job descriptions, safety and more.

  2. Help reduce government intrusion in your business by supporting FMWA's mover advocacy before the Florida Legislature and Division of Consumer Services.

  3. Improve the profitability of your company through the FMWA's educational workshops that focus on everything from avoiding claims, to Florida and DOT regulatory compliance, to finding the best customers for your business.

  4. Employment laws are so tricky that many companies have a team of inhouse experts. The FMWA has hired the best labor law consulting firm in the state. Experts are standing by, ready to answer your questions about hiring, firing or injury management. Their answers are free to you as a member of the FMWA, but worth thousands!

  5. You gain access to workers' compensation coverage that gets your employees healthy and returns them to work, along with access to coverage for your trucks, warehouse, interruption of business and, most important, liability coverage with an insurer that understands your business and is interested in reducing your risk and increasing your profits.

  6. Get practical advice by networking with your industry peers at FMWA functions. We always build time into our programs for open discussions and individual conversations. Members report that just one tip learned in the hallway from a peer has made them thousands of dollars in bot tom-line profit.

  7. Know what's happening in Florida's moving industry-Read Going Places, the only bi-monthly industry publication tailored to Florida's movers.

  8. Make sure your paperwork complies with Florida's Mover Regulation by using the FMWA's Mover Regulation Guidebook. Written in plain English by the best UCC attorney in the state, the guidebook is an exclusive benefit for FMWA members.

  9. The FMWA is committed to generating more customers for your company. Cooperative marketing opportunities drive consumers to to find member movers in their areas.

  10. Give your input on the issues that impact your business. The FMWA holds member forums to discuss key industry issues, receive your feedback and get your vote on critical issues that will affect all of our companies. All members are invited to these meetings and are welcome to participate.


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