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Dear Professional Mover,

We need your help to expand the influence of the moving industry in Tallahassee! Much of the heavy lifting has been done by your Board of Directors, including the hiring of a lobbyist to represent the industry, development of legislation to protect your customers and your business, creation of a legislative strategy to execute our goals, and formation of a political action committee. Still, senators and representatives who shape our laws listen most closely to the voices of those who put them in office—their constituents, the citizens of Florida. That includes you, and the hundreds of sales associates, packers, drivers, operations, and office staff who depend on the strength of the moving industry to support their families.

Individual efforts to present views—through letters, phone calls, face-to-face visits and the like—make a definite impression on lawmakers. But that impression becomes a powerful one when you join with fellow movers and speak with a unified voice. You accomplish that by joining MOVE-PAC.

MOVE-PAC provides a means for FMWA's mover members to pool resources and make meaningful financial contributions to legislators' election campaigns. Your contributions express support for, and help elect, candidates who may be sympathetic to our goals. Frankly, such contributions help ensure that when you speak, your voices are heard.

Make no mistake, a political contribution does not and should not assure your views will prevail. It simply allows your presence to be felt as you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with numerous special interests—some hostile to the moving industry—clamoring for legislators' attention. Other groups pour thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars into political campaigns. To begin leveling the playing field, every individual in the moving industry must do his or her part by joining MOVE-PAC.

You do not have to be a member of the FMWA to support the MOVE-PAC. To contribute to the political success of movers in Florida, all you have to do is…



Corey G. Mathews, CAE
Executive Director

P.S. – Encouraging everyone on your staff to make a contribution can be almost as valuable has how much they contribute. Lawmakers take notice of how many members a PAC has, so encourage your staff to volunteer at least a $50 contribution today!

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